Applied Intelligence

We work with clients to build and improve their AI and Data Science Capabilities and integrate their results with other capabilities in the cloud and at the edge. Our Enterprise AI Platform, its Visual AI and Data Science capabilities help organizations grow revenue, reduce cost and manage risk.

Data Science | AI | ML

Our AI at Scale is an in-memory distributed visual data science platform which enables large scale data fusion, advance AI modelling and AI model deployment at enterprise scale. Customers can rapidly build, experiment, train and validate advance AI models on massive scale data and deploy AI Models with the click of a button to seamlessly integrate with engagement channels and Apps to operationalize AI at Enterprise Level.

FDC Enterprise AI Platform and its domain expertise help accelerate your AI journey in growing your revenue and drive innovation by quickly building deeper insights and making decisions. Customers can do rapid model development and deploy on massive scale data to generate actionable insights quickly.

Data Science and AI,ML

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

FDC Uses sophisticated techniques and tools to examine data, which typically is beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI), to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations. We provide the basis for business growth for cost and risk reduction and even new business model creation, helping customers find the right tools to process this data for business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Future is not to take the data that we know but also to consume and understand the data we don't know and bring that together in a unified platform. By providing tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data to build and train models at scale.We Accelerate your machine and deep learning workflows with tools to infuse AI into your business by giving the flexibility to build models where your data resides and deploy anywhere in a hybrid environment so you can operationalise data science faster.



Traditional IT management techniques are now unable to cope with digital business transformation. Digital transformation encompasses DevOps and the adoption of cloud with new technologies like containers, kubernetes, serverless hosting on multi cloud environments. It represents a shift from centralized IT to applications and developers and with increased pace of innovation and the acquisition of machine agents, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Application Program Interfaces (APIs), etc. which organizations previously didn’t need to service. All of these new technologies and users are straining traditional performance and service management strategies and tools to the breaking point.

FDC provides a paradigm shift required to handle these digital transformation issues. Key to solving these means we need big data, AI/ML and automation to deal with this current new reality. ITOps personnel will need to develop new skills for the new roles which will emerge. FDC brings data together from disparate tools so they can communicate to each other and accelerate root cause identification or suggest tools to enable automation to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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