Cyber Security

We work proactively to protect and safeguard your data assets and systems from unauthorized access and critical vulnerabilities. We also work with client teams in developing state-of-the-art security solutions with emerging technologies.


Every organization, regardless of size, industry or infrastructure, requires a degree of cyber security solutions in place to protect it from the ever-growing landscape of cyber threats today. FDC specializes in bringing cybersecurity solutions tailored to your unique scenarios, to make it affordable and bring a comprehensive one-stop Cybersecurity solution

We provide our customers with an initial In-Depth Cybersecurity risk assessment to identify the cyber gaps in systems and network devices. Results of checking your entire network against several hundred of commonly known cyber vulnerabilities gives a clear view of security gaps in applications. By evaluating their detailed risk and vulnerability assessment reports on compliance and risk status, our Cybersecurity experts take a step-by-step cyber gap correction plan with prioritized actions. FDC believes in changing the security culture by continuously monitoring the changes in risk posture and acting immediately.

Our Continuous engagement with customers by creating open dialogues to advise and guide customers to embrace best practices to ensure cyber security of your organization which can bring increased awareness of cybersecurity among the top executive team as well us to every employee in the organization.


Blockchain / Hashgraph

Blockchain / Hashgraph

We are driving enterprise wide adoption of blockchain-powered business networks across industries by building meaningful incentive models for all stakeholders in the ecosystem to drive digital transformation. We start with an understanding of your specific aspirations, followed by a practical application of blockchain innovation to put blockchain at the center of your digital transformation.

As industries as diverse as healthcare, banking and real estate have continued to embrace Blockchain based technology, FDC has made it a priority to remain on the cutting edge of its advancement. We provide custom Blockchain development services and enterprise-class implementation solutions for Blockchain platforms, protocols, and permissioned ledgers. We leverage APIs, libraries, SDKs, and other open documentation from Blockchain technology providers to build modular apps and integrate blockchain smart functionality to websites and apps.

We program smart contracts for Blockchain, supplying decentralized web solutions for the ecommerce, finance, real estate and supply chain industries, among others. We also develop smart contract audit tools for ensuring data integrity and performance


DevSecOps means building security into app development from end to end. This integration into the pipeline requires a new organizational mindset as much as it does new tools. Security must be continuous and integrated at every stage of the app and infrastructure life cycle. DevOps teams should automate security to protect the overall environment and data, as well as the continuous integration/continuous delivery process—a goal that will likely include the security of microservices in containers.

In the collaborative framework of DevOps, security is a shared responsibility integrated from end to end, from application to infrastructure security and trying to automate all possible security gates to keep the DevOps workflow from slowing down. DevSecOps is about built-in security, not security that functions as a perimeter around apps and data. Automating repeated tasks is key to DevSecOps, since running manual security checks in the pipeline can be time intensive. Consult with your DevSecOps experts to build a strategy framework to determine risk tolerance and conduct a risk/benefit analysis.

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