Edge Computing & IoT

We engage with client groups to "extend" the enterprise using a variety of IoT, Analytics/AI-ML, and emerging technologies to create real-time capabilities at the edge, while enhancing capabilities in the cloud to improve our clients' edge solutions.

Real-time analytics

With a miscellaneous heap of information coming from an enormous number of devices like IOT, analysing the data streams Quickly, Efficiently, Monitoring, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance becomes critical. Our Real-Time Big Data Analytics Services for Enterprises includes enabling real-time decision making, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, Personalised User Experience and recommendations.

Primary goal for a real time analytics solution is to provide insights for making better decisions quickly, which means that analytics is completed from a few seconds to minutes after the arrival of data. In a time sensitive business world you need to have information you want at the very instant the business needs it. Consult with us on how you can leverage real time analytics by feeding your enterprise with all the information of the latest trends, analysis of competitors strategies and customer responses

Real-time analytics

IOT Devices | Digital Twins

IOT Devices |  Digital Twins

IoT has become one of the most, if not the most useful drivers for connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time-saving, and cost reduction for industrial and manufacturing organizations. The collaboration with Data Science, 3D modeling, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given birth to the new revolutionary concept of the Digital twin.

Our IoT and AI platforms solutions significantly reduce the complexity of creating digital twin solutions by enabling functions that trigger automatic endpoint actions based on incoming information. Our Digital Twins utilizes all types of environments, such as warehouses, offices, schools, hospitals, and banks. Internet of Things system unites capabilities for system design, Engineering Lifecycle Optimization, and Rational Lifecycle Integration.

Digital twin technology is used by FDC for virtual creation, testing, monitoring of products, processes and with integrations to a number of third-party tools, helps reduce latency in the feedback loop between design and operation. Our Customers invest in the Digital Twin method to keep today’s businesses running safely and smoothly towards a faster,go-to-market strategy to create a highly reliable, intelligent, and secure connectivity solution within the plant, manufacturing facility, or production space.

Integration | Embedded systems

With FDC you receive high end, consumer grade embedded services and fully customized architectures for your embedded systems with outstanding functional requirements. We provides full support and consulting services in electronic prototyping, product development, processor & microcontroller selection and system architecture firmware development (embedded software development), hardware & software integration.

From firmware to embedded software design we offer a wide range of custom embedded services to suit every customrer requirement. Our group of embedded software engineers with extensive experience in Firmware development for high end processors and applications. We work with high-level and low-level firmware and subsystems to power a variety of embedded systems. From requirements gathering, configuration, integration, and testing, to risk and safety assessments, we assist our clients in building and handling complex projects. Our system engineers identify and find solutions to the most probable and/or high impact failures that can arise throughout or after production.

Integration |  Embedded systems
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